things !

Globme is a Research and Development
company that incorporates different
projects open to development and growth
with its strong technical staff and innovative

ideas developed with love

ideas developed
with love

We are working hard to make the best
in this planet. Our selected
engineers are trying to find smart functions
to make differences.

solutions with

state of art

We design with a destructive thinking.
We love to design from scratch.

Our designers are also searching
ways to make user experience as
high as possible.

solutions with state of art
bold and unique always

bold and unique

Globme companies are always bold.
You can see the differences as soon as
you meet with the products or services.

Deatiled features are given with basic
level understading. You can feel it when
you experience the Globme brands.

trust what you


Do not trust what you see, trust
what you believe.

Globme makes high value added
things deeper than you see. Reality
is more than inception!

bold and unique always
bold and unique always

great solutions
by dedicated


People at Globme is working for different
reasons and not only motivated
with income.

Great solutions and feedback from
global endusers gives us purpose to
continue making great products.

smart startups
with smart


Startups for vertical markets focus on
problems in the related field.

Globme initatives based on great design
and great functions. These 2 key factors
are the major strong points we love.

idenfit / bab / guardware

bold and unique always
bold and unique always



You can reach us any way you wish.
Easiest way is just to send an email